Hiring For Fit Just Got Easier

Hiring has always been complicated–shouldn't there be a better way to identify the needs of your team and match candidates to open positions?

At deltPRO, we've created a solution to easily define the best-fit qualities for your open positions so that you can write accurate job descriptions, align your hiring team, and equip your recruiters.

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Identifying the right candidate for your open position is hard.

Don't worry–deltPRO can help you become an expert at hiring for "fit". Using the Position Assessment™, you'll determine the ideal candidate work style for any role. A custom interview guide will help you screen for the strengths and talents you're looking for as well as potential areas for growth and development.


  • Use of our psychologically-valid Position Assessment.
  • Interview guides customized to the ideal work style you're seeking.
  • 1 on 1 review of your assessment results with a deltPRO expert.

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Write a great job description

Go beyond listing minimum qualifications. Create a vivid description of the ideal candidate and how they work best. 


Align your hiring team

Bring your team together to define the fit requirements and have an objective conversation before you start interviewing.

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Jump start your recruiter

Get a head start on hiring. Give your recruiter the tools they need to find the best candidates for your team.

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