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Identifying the right candidate for your open position is hard.
No worries, deltPRO can help you become an expert at hiring for "fit".  Using the Position Assessment™, you'll define the ideal candidate work style for any role on
your team. A custom interview guide will help you screen for the required strengths and uncover areas for development.  Hiring for fit just got easier!


  • Use of our psychologically-valid Position Assessment to identify the ideal work style for the open position.
  • Interview guides customized to your ideal work style. 
  • 1 on 1 review of your assessment results with a deltPRO expert.
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Define Success

Define the ideal work style
for any role. How someone works best is critical to success but isn't found on a resume.

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Every candidate can be
screened for work style and
matched to your exact needs.

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Hire for Fit

Work style is the only
objective measure of fit.
Hiring for fit just got easier.