The Ultimate Guide to Incorporating Work Style™ into Your Hiring Process

You’d never hire someone who’s unqualified for a job, but mis-hires happen all the time. Skills and experience only account for 11% of mis-hires; the key to successful hiring lies beyond simply being “qualified”. Identifying the right Work Style for a position can help you find employees who are a natural fit for your team and most likely to thrive in their position.  


A resume can only tell you so much. 

Work Style is an intangible that’s tough to objectively identify, but it’s a critical component when predicting on-the-job success. There is no "right" Work Style, but there is a direct correlation between matching Work Styles amongst colleagues and maximizing productivity and happiness.

How do you integrate Work Style into your hiring process to ensure the right match every time? Our exclusive guide will introduce you to 5 ways to incorporate Work Styles into your hiring process.

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Ensure Success

Every job is different and will require an employee with a unique set of skills and attributes. When you can identify what traits your ideal candidate should have, you can screen candidates based on Work Style to find the right fit.


Reduce Churn

Companies who fail to retain employees over the long term waste precious time and resources onboarding, training, and developing employees. Make hires based on Work Style to apply that effort to right-fit candidates you'll retain over the long term.


Build Cohesive Teams

Using Work Style, you can determine if potential candidates are the right fit for a specific role within a unique team and the culture of your company. When a team works together in sync, both productivity and morale are improved.