What are Mis-hires Costing Your Business?

Employee turnover is at an all time high. Save time and money, create a better culture, and increase productivity by adopting a hiring process that promotes retention. Download our FREE guide and find out how to avoid mis-hires and hold on to productive employees. 


Increase Employee Retention by Hiring Right

You'd never hire someone who didn't have the skills for your position, but what about their Work Style? Many of the employees you lose, through termination or voluntary attrition, were not a good fit for the placement to begin with. 

By considering the Work Style of job candidates and existing teams, you can make hiring choices that allow new team members to quickly assimilate and want to stay. 

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Save Time & Money

In a traditional hiring process, it can take countless hours to sift through qualified candidates to find someone with the right mix of skills and Work Style for your team. The deltPRO system is a proven shortcut to save you time and money by helping you find the right fit, right away.


Improve Productivity

Good working relationships matter. Did you know happy employees are up to 20% more productive, and happy salespeople sell up to 37% more? Using deltPRO's system, you'll be able to hire job candidates who work well with your existing team and are highly engaged on the job. 


Enhance Company Culture

The most efficient way to create a great company culture is by putting people together who bring out the best in each other. The deltPRO system allows you to  optimize teams by combining compatible Work Styles to maximize productivity and employee engagement.